Thursday, February 28, 2008

Be prepared to pay extra when flying with a firearm

United Airlines and US Airways are going to start charging you a fee for a second checked bag. Other airlines are expected to follow suit.

Immediately comes to mind is hunters and target shooter's who check in a rifle or shotgun when flying to there designation.

A posting from the US Airways website...

US Airways:

US Airways announced that it will begin assessing a $25 fee for a passenger’s second checked bag. Passengers can continue to check one bag free of charge. The fee applies to travel that occurs on or after May 5, 2008. Travelers who purchased travel on or before Feb. 26 for travel on or after May 5 are exempt from the policy change.

The $25 second checked bag fee does not apply to:

- All Dividend Miles Preferred members (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Chairman’s Preferred)
- Confirmed First Class and Envoy passengers at time of check-in
- Star Alliance Silver and Gold status members
- Active military personnel in uniform with ID
- Unaccompanied minors
- Passengers checking personal assistive devices

Is there an additional charge for bags checked beyond two?

The first bag is free, and the second bag is $25. Each bag after the second bag (3-9) will be assessed a $100 fee.

Does $25 cover one way or roundtrip?

You'll be assessed the fee each time you check more than one bag. So if you're flying a roundtrip itinerary and checking two bags, the $25 fee will be collected on both your original and return trip totaling $50 for both ways.

Will skis and golf clubs be assessed the $25 fee?

So long as they are a second checked baggage item, yes. If these items are the only checked item, they would be free of charge pending weight and dimension limits. Learn more about traveling with special items.


United Airlines:

United is announcing a new checked bag policy for customers who purchase nonrefundable domestic economy tickets.

Customers purchasing nonrefundable domestic economy tickets who do not have status in Mileage Plus or Star Alliance may check one bag for free and a second bag for a $25 service fee.

Customers who have attained Premier status or higher in Mileage Plus or who have Silver status and above with a Star Alliance partner, are exempt from this policy change. This policy is for travel exclusively within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada and applies to tickets purchased on or after February 4, 2008 for travel on or after May 5, 2008.

All customers traveling on United may check at least one free bag.


It's been suggested for those who need to check two bags, as all clothing will just not be able to be carry on.

Purchase a split bag (case) with two compartments. Use one compartment for your firearm and the other for your clothing. Staying under the 50 pound weight limit.

Another alternative is to ship the firearm to yourself by just dropping it off at the local post office. On the mailing lable:

c/o Mother Doe Gun Club
123 Somewhere Street
City, ST 12345

Use the address of the post office at your designation, or gun club, motel, hunting guide, or what have you. It's legal under federal law and a FFL is not required. Your the only one who can legally open the package.

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