Sunday, February 17, 2008

Charging for shoot photographs?

I received a number of emails in the last 24 hours asking if I was now charging to use photographs posted on the Lost Target or thinking of doing so in the future.


A person who was providing shoot photographs to the Lost Target has decided to make it a commercial endeavor and has set up shop and he now charges if you wish to use his photographs without watermark or to be printed. I think this is where the inquires started in regard to my site.

Good for him and I wish him sucess...

I will not charge for use of or mark photographs with a watermark.

Feel free to use any photograph posted to the Lost Target for private or commercial use.

Please don't link directly to the photographs! Right click on photos to download to your computer.

Maybe there is money to be made but the intent of what I do from the very start was to promote the clay target shooting sports, not profit from them.

I have companies ask me to put up a link for them or post product information and I don't ask anything in return. I just consider it part of promoting the clay targets sports. Maybe not in my best interest, but it goes against the grain.

If someone wants to send in a donation or a club lets me shoot at the member rate in appreciation for posting photographs or providing information, GREAT, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it if I receive nothing in return except an occasional thanks.

If the quality of the posted photograph is not at the proper DPI for printing, feel free to contact me and I will send you the original if it's on my computer.

If you wish a copy of all the original photographs for a particular shoot I'm more than willing to burn them to a CD and mail them to you.

If your at a shoot with camera in hand, please consider emailing them as an attachment for posting on the Lost Target for all to enjoy...

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