Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb 16 @ the Gator ATA Chain Shoot

I shot 200 singles on Saturday at Gator Skeet and Trap Club.

The shoot is part of the series of ATA Chain shoots held at various clubs in Florida.

A well run shoot. The crew and the desk did an excellent job.

A good squad and the squad leader was a character. He invited us all at various times to have an adult beverage with him after the shoot.

Four fields, 25 targets each. Working right to left. 100 in the AM, 100 in the PM.

Field #5 and I did not like each other. I dropped 6 targets in the first 100 and five targets in the second on this field. It was the third field of the four shot. The field just had my number. Wait until next year : )

I shot 180x200.

Targets were black rim and they looked good to me. The crew was out between 100's checking targets with pole and radar.

One or two had problems with the voice release, but when on the same stations I never had a problem. I did see one person closing his gun late and setting off targets before he called.

The jerk of the day was the shooter who got upset because someone was shooting an 11-87 and the spent hulls were falling halfway between the two pads. It was a trap barrel with the built in deflector. The hulls were not even coming close to hitting him, but he decided to make an issue of it.

On the second 100 the shooter with the 11-87 moved to another squad. Two people who had been watching the squad said the shooter doing the complaining was out of line.

I wonder how many shooters this guy has cost various clubs?

The club is close to an airport and shooting must cease from time to time.

The crew had all spent hulls off the ground by the end of the day.

At the end of todays event the Olympic Bunker trap was opened and all were invited to give it a try.

I departed at 4PM with the temperature at 77 degrees.

Shoot Photos


Three years ago I vistited Gator and was not a happy camper.

I shot bunker and had a great time, but when it was time to shoot skeet the manager at the time seemed to be anti-skeet and once he learned of our desire to shoot skeet had a change in attitude.

All of a sudden we were not on his best friends list. He first put us on a field with only one operational machine (one house could not be used as Bunker was being shot) and the field we final shoot skeet on had some of the worst targets I had ever shot. They needed about five turns on the old Winchesters to bring them up to speed, but at that point all bridges had been burnt.

I had planned to shoot the Gator Chain shoot that was scheduled a few weeks after my initial visit, but I decided I would not spend another dime at the club and today was the first shooting visit.

I don't know what the politics were between the various disciplines at the time, but when a visitor to the club experiences it, the club has a problem.

The old manager is long gone.

All Winchester skeet machines have been replaced with modern machines.

The building of the second Olympic bunker allows for all skeet fields to be operational as the new bunker is not near the skeet fields.

I asked three people about the skeet operation and all had the same story in regard to usage and attitude. I'm satisfied that such problems are a thing of the past.

I had just talked to a shooter last week who said they were never sure when all the skeet fields were available at Gator and started shooting at another club. I did tell the shooter that I thought that issue had been resolved. I hope if your reading this you visit the club some time and give them another try.

I will be returning to the Gator club...

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