Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 24 @ WW Sporting Clays

We shot practice at WW Sporting Clays.

About fifteen cars in the parking lot when we pulled in, with a squad on the skeet field and another on the 5-stand. We could hear shooting off in the distance, coming from one of the two sporting clays courses.

Lunch is available on weekends and a few shooters were chowing down.

It's been a year and as I approached the main building I was greeted by Ken as if I had just visited the week before.

It's a toss up on what club is the most friendliest in the region, WW Sporting or Bradford Farm.

Both clubs have their following. I've never heard a bad word spoken against either. Whoever is running either club on any given day is 100 percent people friendly, with Ken always seeming to be running WW Sporting.

We shot 100 sporting clays targets.

An elevated shooting platform was added to one of the stations since our last visit.

Station #4.

Very evident was the number of shooters in there 20's and 30's. A number of women shooters were also present.

I talked to a few of the young guys and they said they shot some skeet or trap in the past, but once they shot 5-stand they started looking for a sporting clays course. A few others were at the club because Jacksonville was having a skeet shoot. Jacksonville has 5-stand but no sporting clays course.

Two of the "young guys" we ran into...

All machines were working. Two workers went around the course while we were shooting and topped off the machines.

Vehicles had come and gone while we were shooting. When we departed there was still fifteen or more vehicles in the parking lot with two shooters waiting to use the skeet field.

What I've seen at this club in the past is that when a new shooter is present or they have not shot for a while, they head over to the skeet field and get in a round of practice before shooting the course.

Sunny day with the temperature hitting 80. A slight breeze so it did not seem that warm. No humidity to speak of.

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