Thursday, February 28, 2008

Price for a bag of lead goes higher

Gamaliel's price for a bag of lead as of Feb 28.

$42 - Lawrence Brand Chilled Shot

$42.50 - Lawrence Brand Magnum Shot

Tax and shipping not included.

A $2 pop from the last time I checked.

A few months back they also sold another brand of lead that was maybe a dollar cheaper, but it's no longer listed.

Gamaliel's does not necessarily have the best prices on reloading suppies, as I find them on the high side, but a good indicator on where prices are headed.


Connie's in Washington usually has a deal on Northwest Magnum and worth a look if your paying over $40 a bag (delivered), but they have a notice up that they are out of stock and to check back in early March.


The U.S. spot market price for lead is $1.53 per pound.

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