Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring cleaning, sporting clays courses

Clubs in the north are planning there warm weather shoots or thinking about getting the course prepared for warm weather shooting.

From a shooters perspective, could you please do the following:

Walk the course, don't drive it. You may see problems not seen when driving.

1. Any signs need to be replaced?

2. Are roads or paths that are not to be used clearly marked? I've started down more than one road that was not part of the course.

3. Areas of standing water identified so they can be filled? Have better things to do while waiting my turn to shoot than standing in water or mud.

4. Stands in good shape? We don't need shooters worried about there footing while in the stand. Nor have protruding nails or screws that can catch on clothing.

5. Spent hulls and trash removed. No one wants to shoot at a dump.

6. Is there enough benches on the course for those who walk so they can take a break?

7. What stations have water containers. We don't all have carts!

8. If more than one course or located away from the main building, are maps available?

9. Is the tree that you have been meaning to remove been taking care of?

9. When was the last time the bathrooms were cleaned?

By themselves each is just an irritant.

Add three or four to the mix and it may be costing you shooters.

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