Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who tells the referee its time to quit?

I was at a shoot where the referee missed three hits and scored the targets as LOST.

Granted, only a small piece came off the the targets, but hits. Not dust, not the wad, but hits.

Two of the bad calls were on the shooter ahead of me. I clearly saw the piece coming off the bird.

Clear blue skies. The sun nor the background was an issue.

When one of the LOST calls was questioned by two on the squad, the referee marked the miss as a hit. After the 100 targets were shot, we saw that he had erased the X and placed an 0 in the box.

A shooter said this was the second shoot in a row where this same referee was not seeing the small target pieces and calling LOST.

An elderly gentleman. I have no idea when the last time he had his eyes checked or if he is a diabetic or has other medical issues. But it seems the locals are aware there is a problem.

I've pulled targets in skeet, trap and sporting clays. Shot on more squads than I can recall and I have never experienced anything like this. We all miss a call from time to time, but three bad calls on one squad...

No one wants to hear that the referee cost them targets, as we all roll are eyes when we hear that, but in this case the shooter in front of me was robbed of two targets and another robbed of one.

A word or two is spoken to the club about the situation, but who at the club approaches the referee and ask that instead of pulling targets he might help with loading machines or some other activity during a shoot?

A delicate situation and hopefully handled by a close friend.


  1. always a problem.

    how about the opposite problem?
    when no one wants to pull the targets and score....i have seen that happen more than once at Hale Mountain Rod and Gun club in Bennington VT, who made themselves infamous and well hated by voting to throw out all the long time (some 40 and 50 year) members (over 120 members)that were not 5 stand or trap shooters.

    all these one day wonders who think they are in Ohio at a nationals and are so 'focused' that they are there to shoot and shoot one will pull for these prima donas and god help you if you be a nice guy and offer!

    I was a member of Hale for over 27 eyars before being thrown out because I own a beagle (pointers and retrievers only, thank you very much) I had offered once and never again, and if i do ever offer to pull for wanna be gun snobs I will mark every single one as dead bird, they can all shoot it clean as far as i care.

  2. RE: when no one wants to pull the targets and score.

    It's time for the club to have paid referee's.

    May not be the case at your club, as you have other issues with the club, but in general, many clubs try to use volunteers, but as they add shoots to the schedule they have fewer who wish to help out.

    After many years of using volunteers it's not easy to go to paid help, but for many clubs it's either that or cut down the number of shoots offered each year, to include fun and club shoots.


    As for the issues you refer to at your club.

    Have no idea and cannot comment.

    Just for the record, so as not to leave the impression that all that is ever shot at the club is clay targets.

    The club has a 400 yard range. Covered firing positions.

    Rifle and pistol ranges are open to members and their guests.

    Shooting hours are 9am til sunset.

    Falling Plates Pistol Shooting every other Saturday at 9AM til?

    Rifle range may only be used to 100yds when the trap range is operating.

    Trap is shot on Wednesday and Sundays and the 5-stand is closed until spring, so except for two days of 100 yard use only, no limitations on rifle range use.