Thursday, March 20, 2008

In French please, Clays Target Quebec

Pourquoi le site est seulement en anglais ?

N'y a-t-il pas des lois sur les langues au Québec ??

Même si je suis bilingue, cela ne veut pas dire que tous les gens qui pourraient être interessés à votre site le soit... À moins que les francophones du Canada ne soient pas à la hauteur de votre organisation.

RC, Montréal.

For those not aware, I also run a site called Clay Targets Quebec that covers clay target shooting in Quebec, Canada. As is the Lost Target website, I run it at my own expense and occasional donations.

The sentences in French were asking; why the website was not in French, suggested that I did not find francophones du Canada worthy, and that I was breaking the language laws of Quebec.

I almost didn't have the heart to tell him I'm an American, residing in New York who attends many shooting events in Canada and my lack of French is well known. I saw a need for a site that would promote the clay target sports in Quebec and put up a page or two to accomplish that.

I'm sure he's not a shooter, as I shoot at various Quebec clubs with francophones and most if not all respect what I bring to the shooting sports and don't begrudge my lack of French. I'm usually applauded for taking the time to promote shooting in Quebec via posting shoot flyers, shoot results, and photographs.

And, you though running a website was all fun and games!

Now, If I can only convince Americans that I'm not a Canadian, as they see the Canadian content I post and assume : )


UPDATE: March 22nd

Well you know what, if you are a US citizen and take the time to do all of this, I beg your pardon... It is just that it is more and more of an issue here in Montréal to get ``service`` in French.

Keep up the good work... but having a choice and being able to read, in French, your site, would be great I think... and you would reach a lot more people in Québec and all the French communities, why not, around the WWW....

RC, Montréal

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  1. Christian KrämerMarch 20, 2008 5:31 PM

    I am half french and half German - so you can blame almost anything bad in this world on me - but that attitude from Québec is so french and so bloody arrogant it makes me laugh out loud.
    I find it quiet amusing how they (we?) keep on ignoring that the World is English - esp. the Internet is English - and that the only thing that you really achive by denying that is isolation ... !
    So now am I political incorrect or don't I just give a rats bottom ... je ne sais pas ... !