Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mar 1 @ the St. Augustine Seniors Shoot

I dropped in on the 2008 Seniors NSSA Skeet Shoot being held at the St. Augustine Gun Club, Florida.

I visited for only part of the day.

A beautiful club!

I was told 135 shooters in attendance.

Referee Vermont shooter Peg Meunier & Super Veteran Charles Holman (Age 92)

A machine was down on the field Mr. Holman was shooting on an we had an opportunity to talk. He's sharp as a tack and I'm sure a pleasure to shoot with.

As they only shoot one gun a day I did not get photos of all shooters.

Great weather and only a slight breeze from time to time.

Some fields have the sky for a background and others, depending on the station, had trees. Depending on the time of day the tree background as we all know can be a bit tricky.

I talked to one couple from I believe Indiana, who attended the Jacksonville shoot the week before. Between the two shoots they visited Orlando for three days and took in Disney World and Sea World. A very reasonable drive time for those who have not visited the region and were thinking of shooting and taking in a few vacation destinations.

I could not even tell you how to be squadded for the shoot as it's posted as a closed shoot.

The shoot allegedly has a waiting list but I saw empty slots. You could give the clubs point of contact on the NSSA website a call and see about next year.

I'm not into waiting list and pass. If I was invited and promised confirmed slots, I most likely take them up on it, but my schedule does not allow for waiting lists.

This is a private club. Located north of the St. Augustine airport.

You can stop by on a Saturday or Sunday (PM) and you should not have a problem being allowed to shoot, but you will have to have permission before shooting.

From my own experience the first visit can be intimidating if you don't arrive with a member of the club.

Others say they have had the same experience and shy away from the club when visiting the area. I've run into a number of snow birds in the region who just pass on the club and shoot elsewhere.

I don't think it's that bad but you need to know your not going to just jump out of the vehicle and start shooting, as it is a private club.

A very nice club and worth a visit!

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