Monday, March 17, 2008

Mar 16 @ Bradford Farm Sporting Clays

As the tradition at Bradford Sportsmen's Farm, the club held two 100 targets events on the same day.

Todays shoots were held on the west and north courses. The club also has an east course. We shot the 14 station West course in the AM.

Ninty-four shooters in the AM.

Sunny and no wind. The temperature was 79 degrees when we departed.

Prior to going out we shot a warm-up on the elevated 5-Stand. It was 16 targets for $5.

The West course is an easy walk.

As seen at many NSCA shoots in the region, most shooters had motorized carts.

The club has rentals carts available. Maybe four people walked the AM course and that included the two of us.

Machines were constantly topped off and plenty of water available on the course.

All targets were hittable. Gun speed was of the essence on many stations as targets were zipping along. A few stations had shooters asking, what was the lead...

Overall scores reflected a course that gave shooters excellent preparation for the upcoming Florida State Shoot that will be held at the club in April.

As is the norm for shoots in the region, lunch was included in the price of the shoot.

The club has an excellent web site. The club is easy to find, with the turnoff for the club just a few miles west of the Starke Wal-Mart.

Shoot Photos

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