Friday, March 14, 2008

Military Support Group Fun Shoot, Florida

I was looking a Good Friday Trap shoot and came across a shoot flyer posted to the Gator Clubs website.

Not what I was looking for but the club is having a benefit fun shoot consisting of 100 skeet and 100 bunker targets. Shoot one or both, scheduled for Saturday, March 22nd.

Shoot proceeds to benefit the Military Support Group of Alachua County.

I contacted the club and its a Open Shoot, with all shooters welcomed.

I was told that pre-registration was not required and just to show up during the AM. The flyer says activities start at 9am.

It was suggested that if you wish to shoot both bunker and skeet, that bunker be shot first.

Not a shoot where you will be greatly awarded for your efforts, but the cause is worthwhile.

As I was looking to visit Gator and shoot bunker, the shoot fit right into my plans. I don't shoot bunker, except maybe once a year at a fun shoot. I was thinking 50 targets for fun, why not 100!

Should make for an interesting visit, shooting 100 bunker targets and than 100 skeet targets. If I'm going to make the drive I might as well shoot both and it is for a good cause.

Hopefully, I can break more then 50 bunker targets out of the 100 thrown.

It should be easy, as you do get two shots at each : )

I never did come across a Good Friday Trap shoot...

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