Saturday, March 01, 2008

Proposed 2009 NSCA rule changes

The NSCA has proposed rule changes for 2009.

I'll just comment on those listed below.

Safety Rule Change – to take effect immediately if approved

1. Should the following be added to section II-A?

16. Safety Zone – When a shooter is in the process of shooting, no one (other than the Referee/Trapper) is allowed within three feet (3’) of the shooter. There will be an imaginary line three feet behind the shooter that will extend along the entire station. This will be referred to as the Safety Zone.

I'm all for this as some have no problem hanging on your back while your in the stand.

I would have also gone along with a rule that states that non-squad members not be allowed within ten feet (10') of the shooter. Usually the worst offenders.


2. Should the following be added to section III-2-a?

3. The shooter with the highest score and all ties in an event, where there is a minimum of ten (10) total shooters, shall receive a minimum of one (1) punch no matter what class the shooter is in.

Explanation: The addition was proposed to help shooters who only go to small shoots get punches to move up in class. For example, an A class shooter may have the highest score for the event (beating Master & AA shooters), but there may not be enough people in his/her class to receive any punches. This would make one punch mandatory for all who posted the highest score. If there are enough people in that person’s class for more punches, the higher of the two would be awarded. This high score punch would NOT be in addition to normal class punches.



3. Should the following change be made to section III-2-a-2?

Number of Entries in class: Punches earned
0-2 No Punch
3-9 One (1) punch for high score and all ties

Explanation: This will change the minimum number of shooters required from 5 to 3 in class for earning punches. This too will help shooters at small events to move up in class.

NO. Will lead to class inflation.

Has anyone who is seriouslly thinking of voting yes attended a so call "small event" in the past year?


5. Should the following be added to section IV-b?

Hunter class shooters at events run concurrently with registered NSCA events will be charged the same entry fees as those paid by NSCA members including all target fees.

Explanation: Many times, NSCA members are charged more than Hunter class shooters. The NSCA Advisory Council agreed that there should not be a discount for these shooters at NSCA registered events.

NO!!! What a crock.

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