Thursday, March 06, 2008

Purchase ammunition, leave a fingerprint!

The fence sitters (moderates) in favor of so called REASONABLE gun control laws should not have any problem with this one.

I'm sure Hillary and Obama find this REASONABLE, very reasonable.


Under a proposed new ordinance in Long Beach, anyone looking to purchase ammunition in the city would have to provide information such as a driver’s license (or other proof of their identity and residence), their signature and a thumbprint. The store selling the ammunition would need to keep a record of that person, the date of the transaction, the brand and type of ammunition purchased and the name of the sales person.

All of that information would be sent to the Long Beach Police Department.

On its Web site, The NRA urges members to contact the Long Beach mayor and City Council and voice opposition to the proposal. “The Federal law requiring ammunition purchasers to present I.D. was repealed by the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 because it was found to be ineffective in reducing crime,” the NRA Web site states.

Long Beach would not be the first city to have such an ordinance. Long Beach’s would be based on one from Tiburon, Calif., and there are similar ordinances in West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

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