Thursday, March 27, 2008

Registered trap shooting in Northern Florida

I shot registered trap at three clubs this winter; Jacksonville, Flagler, and Gator.

All were good shoots and it was not because of the quality of targets, as good targets are expected.

It was the attitude of those working the shoots that stood out...

I've been to some shoots where you get the feeling the club is just going through the motions. Just another shoot!

Not so at these clubs...

Shoots were well run and workers hustled. Most importantly, all were friendly, both workers and those in attendance.

The clubs had a dedicated work force, paid or not, who's goal was to have a successful shoot, enjoyed by all.

I did not see anyone working a shoot that was just going through the motions. I recall during a changeover at Jacksonville, two different people, at different times, checking the same machine to see if it needed to be topped off. All within a few minutes.

Squads started on time and posting of scores was almost immediate, at all clubs.

At both Jacksonville and Gator (Chain Shoot Clubs) I thought one of the workers was born with a radar gun attached to his hand, as it was always in use, making sure targets were on the mark.

Flagler was the smaller of the shoots, as they were not part of the 2008 chain, but as at the larger shoots, the same dedication was seen in ensuring a successful shoot.

Gator is not a club I shoot practice at, but I have shot practice trap at Jacksonville and Flagle during non-tournement days. I can assure you if visiting the region you will be welcomed with open arms.

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