Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ammo price check at Dicks & Gander Mt.

Both Dicks and Gander Mountain had the same price for AA and STS shells at $8.99 per box, but if you purchase ten boxes at Dicks the price is $7.48 per box.

Dicks is selling Gun Clubs at $7.99 and Game Loads at $5.99, but they also have a deal on Gun Clubs and you can get them for $5.98.

Gander Mountain was selling Estate Supersport value-packs for $27.99. They had them proudly displayed as if they were the deal of the century.

If you can your hands on a Dicks coupon that allows for purchases of ammunition (read the small print) you could get a nice deal at Dicks.

Most of us also have to pay taxes on any department store purchase, so add that into your calculations.

I did not drop in at Wal-Mart, but in the past they have had the best prices on value packs. For those who don't have access to deals, maybe the best choice.

By the way, I've read where you can expect another price increase in ammunition by the middle of the summer.

For those who reload the price of lead may be moderating somewhat, but never going back to the prices we saw just two years ago.

Anyway, it cost more and more to truck goods and that alone will raise prices as the increases in transportation is passed along.

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