Sunday, April 13, 2008

Apr 13 @ Montreal Sporting Clays, Quebec

The Montreal Skeet Club has been holding a series of 75 target sporting clays shoots throughout the winter and this was my first chance to attend.

On the U.S. side of the border, snow flurries and a dusting of snow on the ground.

It warmed up a few degrees once we crossed into Canada and the snow disappeared.

Rivers high and running fast.

36 degrees when we arrived at the club and 37 degrees when we departed.

Not as bad as it sounds as the sun did come out for a while. The course was in the woods and protected from the wind.

The regulars thought summer was just around the corner, as it was above freezing and they did not need three layers of clothing.

Saying that, the cold took it's toll and I was ready for a nap by time we got back to the clubhouse.

The trails were mud and more mud. Boots were a must!

That's me at Station #1

Everyone was in good humor and all seemed to be having a good time.

My friend Max shot with us. He was shooting the course with skeet choke. Max is a AA skeet shooter, but not enough choke for todays presentations.

Machines were Pro-Matic and I don't think we had a hiccup at any station.

Kids were coming and going, moving targets and topping off machines.

I once again used an out of the way border crossing and there was no traffic. I needed to show my birth certificate along with my drivers license when returning to the states. An once again, a state trooper was running radar a few miles south of the main border crossing on I-87.

I suggest you enter Canada with a full tank of gas as you will pay anywhere from $1 - $1.50 more per gallon if you need to top off while in Canada.

The Canadian dollar for all practical purposes is at par. It cost me $100 U.S. to purchase $100 Canadian at my local money exchange.

Shoot Photos

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