Sunday, April 06, 2008

Apr 6 @ L'Acadie 5-Stand Shoot, Quebec

A day trip into Canada to shoot at Club L'Acaide.

A 100 target 5-stand shoot utilizing two fields. We shot four rounds of 25 each.

Each field had a minimum of ten machines. The hardest part was keeping track of that many machines, as you had to remember what machine threw what and where.

The smart shooters watched a few rounds before squadding. I wasn't one of the smart ones and the first round cost me a few of the easier targets. I ended up with a 73.

Sunny and when I departed, 50 degrees. A little breeze in the PM.

I needed gloves in the AM, but not needed in the PM.

A little awkward at first, shooting with heavy clothing and winter jacket. In the PM you could shed some clothing.

A nice mix of targets to include rabbit, springing teal, and overhead shots.

A short video of a father and son shooting...

The club has a full kitchen and you can order breakfast or lunch at any time.

The skeet and trap fields, as well as the International Skeet field saw traffic throughout the day.

The clubs Olympic Bunkers (3) will be available next week. I had not been around but I gather they were closed for part of the winter. The club is scheduled to host the Canadian Bunker Championships, but a date has not been set due to the summer Olympics being held in China. I was told they are working out scheduling conflicts and should be announcing a date shortly.

The club is hosting the Canadian International Skeet Championships in August.

The club is also hosting a few other shoots, but dates have not been firmed and no sense talking about them as they are only in the talking stage.

Both coming and going there was no traffic at the border. I usually stay away from the primary border crossings and rather easy to do along the Quebec border.

I knew the Canadian agent going into Canada. On my return, I had a women agent and she thought it was pretty neat I had been clay target shooting in Canada, and as no traffic, we spent a few minutes chatting.

I did have to show my birth certificate and drivers license when returning to the states.

As the usually, a state trooper several miles from the border running radar.

Shoot Photos

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