Saturday, April 19, 2008

ATF has no business attending gun control news conferences

In an article published in a Illinois newspaper.

With a display of firearms seized in the Northern suburbs, U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk calls for federal action to combat the rise of illegal gun trafficking in the Chicago area at a news conference Friday.

Joining Kirk Friday were Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns; Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran; ATF Special Agent-in-Charge Andy Traver; and Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Executive Director Thomas Mannard.

Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins, who grew up in a gun-owning family and has a firearm owners ID card, said these measures aren't intended to take guns out of the hands of sportsmen. They target the handguns and assault weapons, which she feels there is no legitimate reason for civilians to own.

Can the Federal government explain why ATF Special Agent-in-Charge Andy Traver was in attendance?

This is like having an IRS agent in attendance when the topic is tax increases.

Does Traver support supports Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins position on banning handguns?


  1. Do you have a link I can provide my representative when I email them about this?


  2. Here you go...

    Seeking to close gun sale loopholes