Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Buying lead shot at Connie's Components

I've been recommending if your paying more than $40 for lead, to purchase lead from Connie's Components, as they will ship Northwest Magnum lead for $39.99 per bag DELIVERED.

Unfortunately, they are not a reliable source, as they seem to quickly run out of supplies.

Someone had mentioned this, saying they were often out of lead on the same day they received a shipment.

Sure enough...

Posting on there website this AM.
NO PHONE ORDERS ON SHOT Next load expected May 26th * No Pre Orders on Shot, due to price fluctuation * Web orders only on shipped shot * I'll update the inventory every Sunday evening * Limited amount that can be shipped every week $39.99 per bag DELIVERED!!!! 2 bag minimum shot purchase. INCLUDES DELIVERY ORDERS NOT IN MULTIPLES OF "2" WILL BE CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $9.00 FOR SHIPPING Due to an "arrangement" with the Post Office, shot will ship every Thursday. thanks
Just to make sure I attempted to place an order:

This item is out of stock...
We're sorry, the item you are trying to add to your order is currently out of stock.

They had been posting that a shipment was due on April 28th and they are already out of stock.

Sold out or they are holding back too sell at shoots they attend?

It does not matter either way if you cannot get your hands on it when you need it.

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