Monday, April 28, 2008

Cost to reload, April 28

I just completed a purchase of reloading supplies, except for primers.

Using Graf & Sons figures I punched in their numbers for W209 primers.

My cost to reload 1oz, 12 gauge with Clays powder, is $4.19 per box.

That's $41.90 per case.

The cost goes to $4.58 per box if you pay $42 for a bag of lead.

If I drop my 12 gauge load down to a 7/8 ounce, the price comes down to $3.92 a box.

The reason to drop down to 7/8 loads is if your paying a high price for lead and wishing to stretch your supply, especially for practice.

$3.61 to reload 28 gauge, using Universal Clays.

There are cheaper primers and powder you can use to reduce cost further, especially in the 12 gauge.

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