Thursday, April 10, 2008

Importing and/or Exporting a Firearm

Americans and Canadians don't play by the same rules in regard to firearms.

There is no quick firearm sale when either does business with the other.

The US buyer or seller has the most difficult path to follow.

The USA has stringent rules in regard to an American selling overseas (to include Canada) and for American importing firearms from overseas (to include Canada).

Paperwork approved at the U.S. Federal level must be in hand.

For those who choose to ignore the rules. Your dealing with an item that has a serial number and most likely traceable. If the firearm is involved in an incident down the road, it may be traced back to you. I bring this to your attention as some choose to ignore the paperwork requirements and take part in an illegal transaction.

From my readings, the most difficult part of the process (outside of the paperwork requirements) is had by the Canadian seller, as he may have difficulty finding an authorized shipper within Canada who will ship a firearm to the states.

I'm told with all approved paperwork in hand, the transaction can take place at the American border between the Canadian and American, and of course U.S. customs. I have not heard from anyone who has done this recently, but this was a common practice in the past.


USA Import

Any Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder can import a firearm for personal use or on behalf of an unlicensed person by filling out the proper paperwork. According to the ATF:

(L1) May a licensed dealer who does not have an importer's license make an occasional importation?

Yes. A licensee may make an occasional importation of a firearm for a nonlicensee or for the licensee's personal use (not for resale). The licensee must first submit a ATF Form 6, Part I to the Imports Branch for approval. The licensee may then present the approved Form 6 and completed ATF Form 6A to the U.S. Customs Service. Contact the Bureau of ATF, Imports Branch, for forms.

* Barrels require a permit for import and export.


Link for Canadian buyers/sellers.

Canadians Importing Firearms, Firearm Parts and Ammunition

Does a Canadian need an export permit to take or ship a firearm out of Canada?


USA Export (to Canada)

Contact the ATF for current procedures.

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