Friday, April 11, 2008

Odds & Ends (Apr 11)

The Flagler club in Florida has acquired a 5th trap machine (Pat Trap) which will complete Flagler's expansion to 5 trap fields.

The re-fit of trap field 3 is completed. Field 4 will be re-fit next.

The club expects to start work on field #5 in about 3 weeks. Field 5 will be a combo trap/skeet.


Bradford Sportsmen's Farm hosted it's first Florida Sporting Clays Championships. By all accounts a complete success.

I'm not surprised, as the few times I shot at the club, never a hitch.

Attention to detail comes to mind...


Clinton renewed her call for reinstating the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004.


The NSCA/NSSA sites seem to be back on line.

The company that provides the hosting service for the NSCA/NSSA needs to be on top of mysql.

It helps if your not sharing server space with other sites. Cost major bucks, but a must if running large databases.


If driving across the border and you don't have a passport, don't forget your birth certificate. Passports or Pass Cards are not a requirement in 2008 when driving.


Everyone seems to be looking for cheap ammunition.

Cheap in 2008 is $55 a case. Major brands are in the $65 - $75 range or even higher, depending on the store and the last time they received a shipment.

From my observations it seems more and more shooters are turning to 100 shell value packs.

I've been shooting skeet practice with a 28 gauge. It may be time to reload .410 shells and retire the 28 gauge.

Trap and sporting clays practice will be 7/8 ounce reloads unless I can find a source of shells that are cheaper then what it cost me to reload.

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