Thursday, May 08, 2008

Customs Form 4457 & TSA Recognized Baggage Locks

Thanks to Jerry Mathias for bringing to my attention that CBP Form 4457, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Certificate of Registration For Personal Effects Taken Abroad is now available for download.

This is the form used by U.S. Customs to document firearms (and other high valued items) being temporally taken out of the country.

This form is what allows you to re-enter the US with your firearm.

I've updated the pages that reflected the forms use and provided a link for download.

Make sure you have customs sign off on the form prior to you leaving the states.

A quick, one time requirement!


I contacted the TSA in regard to flying with firearms and asked:

Can TSA Recognized Baggage Locks be used to secure checked baggage containing a firearm?

Or, do these locks conflict with the rule that only the passenger has the key and/or combination.

I received an email response:


UPDATE 11 Dec 2009

I contacted the TSA in regard to TSA Recognized Baggage Locks and firearms:

Question: Can TSA Recognized Baggage Locks be used to secure checked baggage containing a firearm?

I received an email response (Dec 9, 2009):

Thank you for your e-mail about using Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-recognized locks to secure firearm cases.

Passengers may use TSA-recognized locks to secure firearm cases.

However, TSA does not recommend or endorse any specific brand or type of lock to use on firearm containers.


I've updated the "Firearm Laws" page.

Now separated into ten individual pages. Much easier to find what your looking for using the drop down menu.

Besides reading the law, I closely watch postings on talk boards and try to incorporate the real world into guidance given.

Flying with Firearms and Shipping Firearms make a good read and probable of the most interest.


I was asked how many firearms (long guns) a visitor can take into Canada?

You can document three guns on one form for $25.

A continuation sheet is available if you have more than three firearms.

The permit is good for 90 days.

Handguns is near impossible!


Lead closed at $1.048 on the U.S. spot market.

At some point this may be reflected in shot prices, but with the cost of fuel....


A quick check of ammunition prices at a Wal-Mart in Vermont today showed prices remaining steady.

Value packs are still a good deal!

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