Saturday, May 10, 2008

Underhill 50/50 Shoot

A first of it's kind shoot at the Underhill Rod & Gun Club.

50 5-stand targets and 50 sporting targets.

The Vermont club has a 5-stand (9 machines), but no sporting clays course.

The solution...

They placed seven stations on or about the clubs two remaining skeet fields, putting together a rather impressive sporting clays course.

Smart use of the terrain was evident, making for interesting target presentations.

The club did not take the easy route and only two permanent positioned machines were used. The machine in the trap house on the middle field and the machine in the low house on the remaining skeet field to the right. All other machines were positioned as you would expect on a sporting course.

The trap threw a true pair with the station located near skeet station #3.

The clubs use of the low house skeet machine. Check the top photo to estimate distance and height.

In the mid 60's with a light breeze for the later squads.

Volunteers were out in force, with shooters from all disciplines lending a hand.

One or two battery operated machines might have given them a bit more flexibility, but overall a good course that would satisfy most shooters.

AA Shooter BoB Howard (HOA) scored 80x100, so not a skeet in the woods type course.

Shoot Photos

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