Sunday, May 04, 2008

Vt 50/50 sporting shoot is 10 May

Underhill Rod & Gun Club is holding it's 50/50 sporting clays/5-stand shoot on Saturday, May 10th.

This Vermont club has a very competitive 5-stand, but for the first time sporting clays will be attempted.

The club does not have room for a course and will convert two skeet fields into a sporting clays course for the day.

The concept of using a combination skeet/trap field as a sporting clay course works well at Josée, a club in Quebec, Canada. They have been doing this for years.

I posted the Josée club shoots in the past and this link should give you a good photo view of the concept.

Hat's off to a small club with a big heart!

The only downside for the Underhill club is that a charity shoot has been scheduled at L'Acadie. This will certainly impact the shoot as a number Canadians who were thinking of attending have decided to shoot for charity. Hopefully, the shoot will pull a squad or two.

Arrive early, as I have no idea where they will park vehicles if they have a huge turnout.


Gamaliel Shooting Supply has Eagle Shot Magnum back in stock.

$41 a bag.

I picked up the same brand last weekend in Western New York for $35.75 a bag.

I don't know if they give clubs deals for orders by the pallet, but it can't hurt to ask.

Lawrence Magnum is selling for $44 a bag.


The Palatka club in Florida announced they will be charging a member rate of $4 a round. An increase of $.50.

Still very reasonable by Florida standards.

The work on re-activating the lone trap field is also seeing progress.


So we don't lose the history, I've included a dedicated section on the main page of the Lost Target for posting of articles on Obama and guns.

We don't want "bitter" gun owners to forget come the general election....


My sporting clays scores have been steadily decreasing the past few months.

An at home eye test shows the right eye is not seeing things clearly at distance.

Eye exam schedule for June.

I have Decot frames and lenses at the present.

I'm looking at the Panther glasses with Rx Insert by Hidefspex, but that's a serious investment and don't know if I could pull the trigger on a purchase.

You do get three lenses, and in the future all you need to worry about is updating your RX on the clear lens.


I combined three Vermont shooting sites into one.

Clays Vermont

From my end much easier to maintain.

Only time will tell if I made the correct decision.


  1. Joe, Before you invest in the Panthers, check out the Sunbuster "Dude" glasses. Mine cost under $250 WITH the polycarbonate prescription insert and 5 different colored lenses. I am very pleased.

  2. eagle is down to $39 at Gamaliel now