Saturday, June 28, 2008

Background checks and reasonable licensing procedures

Most firearm owners have no problem with background checks, and for handguns, reasonable licensing procedures.

However, it seems the other side always wants to push it to the next level.

1. Ban semi-automatic shotguns to include the Remington 1100.

2. Not recognizing a citizens right to own firearms, to include handguns. (Thanks to the Supremes for settling that issue)

3. Unreasonable licensing procedures. (Excessive fees and unusually long processing times that are meant to discourage.)

4. Rejection of licenses without just cause (no reasonable standards established). In New York, you must have a good reason for wanting a gun. That law will now have to be re-written, as to own a gun is a right.

5. Not issue licenses because of regional crime rates.

6. Judges or local officials allowed to place restrictions on firearms license holders that are not written in the law.

7. Serial numbers on primers and/or shells.

8. Firing pins with identifiers.

9. Safe guns that can only be fired by the owner (unproven and unreliable technology)

10. Ban firearms that look dangerous.

11. No Gun Zones (Easy prey zones for criminals and the insane)

12. No right to carry concealed by licensed gun owners.

13. Not recognizing licenses issued in other states.

14. Unreasonable storage requirements. (Thanks to the Supremes for settling that issue) Syracuse NY requires gun owners to lock up their firearms when not in use.

15. Require stores to hide firearms for sale from children.

16. Unreasonable restrictions on reloading components or presses.

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