Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Canadians importing firearms from the US

I had what you would call an animated conversation with a shooter from Ontario on his right to purchase a firearm in the states.

He has no right and more importantly he at a minimum must follow U.S. Federal law in regard to firearm purchases in the United States by Nonimmigrant Aliens.

Under the various firearm purchase scenarios he presented...

1. He cannot walk into a gun shop; purchase and take possession.

2. He cannot have an American friend purchase it for him and take possession.

3. He cannot purchase and take possession at a gun club (private sale).

4. He cannot take possession if a gift or won in a raffle.

A Canadian on a visit of less then 90 days cannot take possession of a firearm, either purchased from a dealer or as result of private sale.

Under no circumstances may the Canadian take possession of the firearm when in the states.

All such sales (dealer or private) must go through an FFL. The FFL must ship or transport the firearm to Canada.

Violation of this prohibition, could result in a maximum of 5 or 10 years of imprisonment, depending on the violation.

Nonimmigrant Aliens Purchasing Firearms and Ammunition in the United States

If a U.S. gun owner sells to you without using an FFL, it is not a legal transaction.

Let me also mention ammunition sales.

Easily accomplished in the states.

However, you cannot export ammunition to Canada without a U.S. export permit.

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