Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jun 14 @ Montpelier Trap Club

100th Annual Vermont State Championship Trapshoot

Registration for the 200 target singles event on Saturday was a breeze.

Hot and muggy but the sun stayed hidden for most of the day. A slight breeze.

Ten targets per station. Not something I'm used to and it did not help that I was on a four man squad. I made an extra effort to relax between shots. After the first station I settled down and not until the last 50 at the end of the day did I have any problems with my shooting.

My back was still acting up from the previous week, but not really a factor until the last 50 when I stiffened up after a slight delay on the line.

Ended the day with a pair of 93's.

I shot factory Estates 1 1/8 #9's. I thought I might have had a few light loads, but the targets broke. I picked up the Estates on sale for $50 per case in Rochester back in April.

The Remington 1100 worked flawlessly, but I did give it a wipe down between 100's.

I use Break-free as the only cleaning fluid on my 1100's.

If there was any machine problems I did not see any and except for changing out a microphone on the last 50 my squad did not experience any problems.

I did not stay until the end and thunder could be heard in the distance as I was getting into the vehicle. It rained most of the way home (2 hours).

Shoot Photos

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