Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lost Target Sporting Clays Benefit Shoot

I received a telephone call from Elie Zarife, owner of the Montreal Skeet Club. He asked if he could hold a sporting clays shoot for my benefit.

He said I was always promoting shooting in both Canada and the states, usually at my own expense, and he wanted to give shooters a chance to give something back.

I was hesitant to give the green light, as it was not expected and I was a bit overwhelmed by the offer.

My first thought was who would come?

Matter of fact that was also my second and third thought...

But, I figured with my wife and Elie shooting we at least would have one squad in attendance and it would not be a total bust.

Thanks to Elie for making the offer putting this together...


Montreal Skeet Club - Quebec

Saturday, July 26 or Sunday, July 27

Shoot either day!

100 Targets Sporting Clays

$80 with $10 going back to shooters.

Pre-registration is not required.

Shoot Flyer

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