Thursday, June 05, 2008

Odds & Ends (Jun 5)

A few changes to the Lost Target website...

Some changes took place a few months back and other changes, more recent.


- Search engines for finding local U.S. gas prices.

- Shooters Gas Cost Calculator (Required the above search engine).

- Links to check the price of lead shot at four businesses.

- Obama & Guns.

- NRA News Channel Feed.

- Bill O'Reilly Talking Points.

- Target Shooting News is now two separate categories (US/Canada and Overseas).

- Firearm pages reformatted.

- Added Google page translator to selected pages.

- Added currency converter to selected pages.

- Updated menus.

- Added Google map links to clubs in Europe.

I was going with live video news feeds but dumped them. If you click on a feed I have posted and let the commercial run, I receive payment. We're talking clicks in the thousands to make it worthwhile, but a source of revenue for the site. Just an experiment!


Updated the Olympic Bunker page.

An almost complete listing of all bunkers in the U.S. and Canada.

Theres talk of building a bunker in Tennessee but money is lacking.


My eye doctor changed my prescription.

With both eyes open and wearing glasses, no problem.

But, I'm a one eye shooter : (

I was told my right eye is three times weaker than my left eye.

This has probable been going on for some time, but the gradually changes to my eye sight caught up with me.

I had a bit of a problem picking up targets of any distance and staying focused.

He adjusted the prescription so I would not strain the right eye when shooting : )

It will be a few weeks, but glasses will be replaced.

My scores started to tank in mid winter, especially in sporting clays, so it should be interesting to see if my scores will increase after I'm settled in with a new prescription.


Price of lead is dropping.

For those looking for a decrease in ammunition prices. I would think not until the present supply has been sold. Could take six months!

It depends on lead times in manufacturing.

The suppliers still have the cost of fuel and raw materials to contend with.

I have heard of a few deals, so it will pay to look around.


Shooting NSSA skeet this weekend. Looking at temperatures in the 90's.

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