Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Box Store Clay Target Purchases

For those who puchase targets for home use...

Case of 90:

$6.87 White Flyer (Walmart)

$6.99 Remington STS (Dicks)

$5.95 Champion (Gander Mountain) * While they last.


135 count is a regular case of targets.

135 x 2 cases = 270 targets

90 x 3 cases = 270 targets

Gander usually sells 135 case count Champion but I did not see them on this visit. I have also seen 135 case count White Flyer at Walmart in the past.


  1. Are these clay pigeons? Where can I get them at wholesale price? Thanks.

  2. So long ago, July 31 was the posting date.

    For whatever reason, a sale was being held. The Champion targets were really a good buy.

    As for wholesale prices, each region has there own suppliers.

    Contact your local club and see who they purchase targets from.