Saturday, July 19, 2008

Browning lower barrel not firing

I started to get light hits om the bottom barrel on my Browning, as shells were not always going off.

Time to change the main springs...

I last changed the springs and firing pins in October 2006.

At that time I suspected it was not the firing pin but the main spring that was the problem. The way the lower firing pin is configured the spring can loose its effectiveness over a period of use.

In any case, I remember it was a bear (almost impossible) to install the new springs so this time I purchased the proper tool from Brownells.

With this tool I was able to easily remove and install both springs. It comes with instructions, but not really needed.

If you have never had your stock off, your going to need as a minimum a 12 inch long screwdriver to get at the stock bolt.

The slots on the screw heads on the trigger guard are very narrow and I found it best to use the screwdriver bits that come with gunsmith kits like you see in Gander Mountain.

I use a vise once the wood has been removed.

At his point you may want to take a few photos if you have a digital camera, as it may help when your putting everything back together.

Release the hammers and your set to go.

After you remove the main springs using the slotted screwdriver it's time to remove the retaining pins that hold the firing pins in place.

Your going to need a small punch to remove the two retaining pins. They only go in one direction, so take a close look before you start pounding.

The bottom firing pin is encased in it's own spring within the chamber and the firing pin may go flying after you remove the retaining pin. The upper pin does not have a spring.

Reassemble after a cleaning and your set to go...

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