Monday, July 21, 2008

Gun rights, see you in court!

Pro-gun organizations such as the NRA will have there work cut out for them over the next few years, taking localities and states to court to enforce the Supremes recent gun rights ruling.

As an example of the craziness on the left, the D.C. city council just stipulated that people registering handguns "not appear to suffer from a physical defect which would make it unsafe for him to possess and use a firearm safely and responsibly."

So, if your missing a leg or arm, or suffering from cerebral palsy, you cannot be armed in the home? What if your arm is in a cast? That is not what the Supremes ruled!

New York State and NYC are still insisting that only they, the government, has the final say on who should be armed in the home, without having to issue any firm laws on why a person can be refused. A government right to refuse based on feelings or anti-gun bias. That is not what the Supremes ruled!

The first person in New York without any issues, such as being a felon, turned down for a license will trigger a court case.

We also have lawyers trying to make a name for themselves, submitting appeals on behalf of felons stating they had the right to be armed and convictions based on there possession of a firearm should be thrown out. That is not what the Supreme Court ruled!

Also, recently published and picked up by the left, is you should not be allowed a firearm in the home as it makes it easier for those who wish to take there own life. That is not what the Supreme Court ruled!

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