Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jul 26 @ Sunset Farm Elks Benefit Shoot

Four of us drove down to the Rocky Mountain Elks Benefit Shoot held at Sunset Farm Sporting Clays in Delanson, New York.

A 9:30am shotgun start required a 5:45 departure from home, as it's a 2hr:45min drive and registration opens at 9am.

In the low 80's but a slight wind made it comfortable to shoot and helped keep the bugs away.

A number of stations saw a combination of hand traps and battery operated machines.

This works well and recommended for clubs who have a limited number of battery operated machines. I'd rather see this setup than six stations with all battery operated machines and the rest all hand traps.

Each squad was assigned a trapper who only payment was the split from the community tip jar. If your asking, $5 should be a minimum tip per shooter and $10 would not be excessive. A number of shooters gave $20. With only the one start time and no opportunity for the trapper to make additional money, I recommend you tip on the high side so they have a desire (incentive) to work the next shoot.

A nice mix of presentations with stations in open fields and others along the wood line.

One rabbit station was a true double off a hand trap, with shooters standing on an elevated platform. I took a video of the rabbit presentation.

I wasn't keeping track but I think each station was sponsored by a different business.

Not a difficult course to walk. I don't think cart rentals were available.

The price of the shoot included a steak dinner. All shooters received a goody bag.

Shoot Photos

As a side note. I was going to shoot skeet doubles in Vermont on Friday but we ran up to Canada that AM and picked the wrong border on are return as traffic was backed up. By the time we crossed it was not practical to make the drive to Vermont.

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