Monday, July 21, 2008

Miranda Wilder, Bunker Trap

My friend Tom Baber from the Gator Club in Florida sent this to me and I thought I share it...

The first perfect Final Round for an American woman in Olympic Trap was recorded last Wednesday at the 2008 US Trap Championships in Colorado Springs.

Miranda Wilder of Diana Texas shot this record score to win the Woman’s Championship. Miranda, aged 14 bested a field of 29 shooters including former Olympians to win the Barbara Thomas Trophy symbolizing excellence in Olympic Trapshooting.

Olympic Trap is one of the most challenging clay target games. The course of fire is 25 targets from 15 individual traps. In the normal qualification shooters are allowed two shots at each target however for the final event only one shot is used. There have only been 4 perfect finals shot in this country and less that 20 worldwide.

Miranda began her shooting career at the Gator Skeet and Trap Club in Gainesville Florida.


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  1. Yes, and he forgot to mention that she is still the only one to get that one hundred dollar bill from him.