Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Observations from the Canadian Olympic Trap Championships

I had the pleasure last Thursday to be able to photograph one day of the Canadian National Trap (Olympic) Championships.

Shoot Photos

They used two bunkers with a third reserved for Doubles.

You shoot 25 targets and than the next squad takes the field. Once all competitors have shot at 25 targets you all move to the next field, or remain on the same field if a second is not available. Makes for a long day if a large number of shooters.

Considering the speed of the targets, you did not see excessive gun movement or anyone jumping a target. Smooth gun movement would be the word I would use.

Winchester, RIO, B&P, and Challenger were the shells of choice.

A 30" barrel seems to be the standard.

A few broken targets during the day but not enough to slow the pace. I suspect target handling was the result of any broken targets, as they did not seem to be machine specific and were low in numbers.

I think the computer controlled target release system worked flawlessly.

As in International Skeet, all took turns being a referee and keeping score.

I saw one person get visable upset almost everytime a target was missed. As in all the shooting sports, not something you would normally see in someone who hopes to be a top gun.

One shooter who wears contacts picked up an eye infection : (

In the championship round where your only allowed one shot per station, target misses were early on in the round. Watching the women, once they got in the one shot rhythm, they were getting center hits.

Susan Nattrass, Canadian Women Champion, said Club L'Acadie had the nicest bunker facilities in Canada. Susan will be representing Canada at the summer Olympics.

I meant a very nice family who are originally from Iran. One of my favorite countries (not the govenment) in the world. What a rich history...

I saw two Canadian news organizations at the shoot, with Susan Nattrass doing a live feed with the CBC, but I was unable to find one article posted to the internet in regard to the competion by any news organization.

My first effort posting video to YouTube. It will take three or four shoots to test the capability of the camera to find out what works and what doesn't.

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