Friday, July 04, 2008

Odds & Ends (Jul 4, 2008)


The U.S. sport market for lead is $0.70 per pound.

I'm seeing reports of lead being sold at shoots for under $34 per bag.


Border crossing with firearms.

The guidance posted on the Lost Target on the procedures for crossing the U.S. / Canada border with a firearm is right on the money, as reported on

Joe, may I personally thank you for all you do for trapshooting. Over the years I've enjoyed the photos you continually post from a variety of shoots. I also want to thank you on behalf of our American shooters for helping us with understanding how to check in with US & Canadian Customs when crossing the boarder. I was well prepared and had all the needed documents ready for Customs Agents.

Kenny Ray Estes


NBC News Feed.

I've added a temporary RSS feed from NBC to the main page of the Lost Target and hope we see some interesting articles in regard to the Olympics and shooting sports.



As an early birthday present I received a digital camcorder. Not top of the line (by my request) but a camera that should fit the bill for shooting video at a shoot.

It helped the decision making process on if a camcorder purchase was viable when several timely donations were received.

Don't expect a Steven Spielberg production or thirty minutes of video.

I imagine a 5 to 10 minute video that show the club and it's shooting facilities, with for the most part individual shooters being secondary, but that will depend on the shoot.

Just experimenting, I know that I can plan on adding an hour to two to posting of shoot photos, as to do it right the video requires editing and processing. Then throw in the time it takes to upload.


Shooting glasses.

I mentioned last month my need for new classes and my decision to go with SunBuster Shooting Glasses.

I'm just waiting on the prescription lenses to be made and was told they would be in the mail the first of the week.

When I have glasses in hand I will post a full review.


As for the prescription on my regular glasses.

It turns out my right eye is three times weaker than my left eye.

For most people no big deal as it all works out in the prescription, but as a shooter it can cause problems.

My doctor and I discussed it and he strengthened the right eye lens considerable at my request.

I was dizzy the first hour that I had the new glasses on. That passed and for the first 24 hours I could feel the right eye muscle working from time to time to make the adjustment.

After a week of using the new prescription I don't think I have any reason to go back to a standard prescription. Very comfortable...

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