Friday, July 18, 2008

SunBuster Shooting Glasses (Part 1)

I've been going with two lenses for years, but in recent years it was hurting my scores.

I'm a long time Decot user and I did want to purchase additional lenses but the price for additional prescription colored lenses is something I could not justify as there is always the possibility the next time I saw my Optometrists my prescription would change. It did just that last month!

I previously wrote that after researching the various shooting glasses on the market I decided to go with SunBuster shooting glasses.

SunBuster ships with five different ColorCorrect lenses; Crimson Brown, Orange, Yellow, Medium Purple and Light Vermillion.

SunBuster says the lenses included in the package enhance and maximize performance under all different light, target and color conditions. They are high-impact multi-layer polycarbonate lenses and block 100% of UVA/UVB rays.

An optional clear prescription lens inserts into the nose piece, behind the colored lenses.

This fits into what I was looking for; multiple colored lenses, add additional lenses at minimal cost, only one prescription lens required, and the price was right...

Target visibility is everything and one or two lenses is not going to cut it for the various backgrounds we see from club to club or station to station, as experienced in sporting clays and FITASC.

Lighting conditions is another factor. You may have the correct lens color for your clubs background for skeet or trap but what of the changing light conditions?

For many years my eyes could adjust, but as time marches on the old eyes need a helping hand.

Steven Asman, president of SunBuster was kind enough to send me a set of Dude shooting glasses after he learned of my decision to use his glasses. He also arraigned with Sved Optical to provide the prescription lens inserts.

The glasses come in Maverick and Dude frames. The Dude frame is for those of us who have a fuller face and the frame I chose.

I was also shipped an Extreme Green lens (the front lens on photo below) that the company is extremely proud of and wanted me to try.

The dark green lens is suppose to fool the eye into thinking it's a light green but still minimizes eye squint in sunny conditions. Orange targets appear brighter.

The lenses slide out from the frame and you replace lenses as required.

At first I was afraid to manhandle the glasses when exchanging lenses, as the lens are set in the frame pretty tightly, but I learned quickly this was not a problem and the glasses were designed to be manhandled by someone who had not fully read the directions.

Be prepared to clean the lenses after changing them out.

The frame with lens wade in at 30 grams or 1.1 ounces on my postal scale.

I've not received my Sved Optical prescription inserts. They are made in Califoria and had to be ordered separately.

I received a call today from Lisa G. Cinquino from SunBuster, who said she received my prescription lenses and she would be shipping them out.

Lisa also said when they came back from the printer she would be sending me a lens color cheat sheet that will fit in the carrying case. It will be included in all future orders.

A welcome addition to the package offered by SunBuster, as what lens to use under what conditions? So many choices...

When I receive the prescription inserts I will post a follow-up with photos.

I'm looking at shooting Skeet doubles next Friday at the Vermont State Skeet Championships and Sporting Clays that weekend, to include a shoot on Saturday at Sunset Farms near Albany, New York and on Sunday the Lost Target Fun Shoot. A weekend that will be a good test of the glasses and various lenses.

I would be remiss to not note that SunBuster is offering through it's Scholastic Eyewear Program one (1) set of eyewear per athlete for $50 each for teams of the FFA, BSA, 4H, SCTP, Collegiate, and other organized youth teams. A minimum of four glasses must be ordered and for use by team members only.

A pretty good deal, especially for a team who's members may still be using Grand Dads old yellow safety glasses.


  1. I am very interested to read your assessment of the prescription inserts.

    Please post a follow up.


  2. This should cover it for you...

    Sunbuster Shooting Glasses (Part 3)

  3. Joe,
    Thanks for the info. I was researching getting a pair of glasses and had wanted to get a pair of Sunbusters. Unfortunately, they were out of my price range as a college student. Well, BEHOLD, Sunbuster was offering a scholastic deal of which you happened to mention. I followed the link and am now in the process of getting some ordered for myself and teammates. Thanks a bunch Joe, I can't wait to try my pair out!!! I've also passed the info on to countless other college teams...

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  5. That sure sounds like a good buy! The multiple lenses can be used for various targets.

    Shooting glasses like most safety glasses are made to endure tremendous impact. Some people even follow prescription safety glasses program to ensure optimal protection for their eyes.

    Indeed a good investment. Congratulations!

  6. Safety glasses and hearing protectors are the two most important accessories in competition and practical shooting. Glasses protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun but, more importantly, they shielded the eyes from the smoke of burnt gunpowder and flying spent bullet casings. Novice shooters tend to buy cheap plastic goggles from the hardware store. But nothing beats the protection of a professional polycarbonate shooting glasses.

  7. Nice series of reports, Joe. I may be ready for the inserts as at 68 my eyes are changing. I have both the the Dude and Maverick and a number of extra lenses.

    Keep up the good works.