Monday, July 21, 2008

SunBuster Shooting Glasses (Part 2)

UPS delivered the prescription lens inserts to complete my SunBuster package.

SunBuster shooting glasses ship with five different non-prescription ColorCorrect lenses; Crimson Brown, Orange, Yellow, Medium Purple and Light Vermillion.

The clear prescription lens inserts are an additional option. They fit in the nose piece, behind the colored lenses.

The rimless inserts are made by Sved Optical and ordered separately.

An order form is included in the SunBuster package.

Sved Optical works closely with SunBuster. You won't be required to mail the nose piece that comes with the glasses when placing your order.

Be prepared to wait a minimum of two weeks for delivery.

The combination of lens, frame, and insert weighed in at 1.3 oz. on my postal scale.

No tools are required when changing lenses.

"Click on Photo to Enlarge"

I wear bifocals and Sved Optical inserted a lined bifocal low in the lens. In my experience they will not interfere with shotgun shooting as they are set very low in the lens.

I referee from time to time for all the major clay target disciplines and bifocals are a must. They are also needed for those times we pull and score for each other.

In addition to receiving the inserts, SunBuster sent an additional colored lens.

I would call them Extreme Purple and they should make an interesting addition to the collection of lenses already provided.

I have a rather extreme shooting agenda laid out for the upcoming weekend and the glasses will be getting a workout.

I'll do a followup on my impression of the glasses at the completion of the upcoming shooting weekend.

Sunbuster Shooting Glasses (Part 1)

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