Thursday, July 24, 2008

TargetDust, Canada

TARGETDUST, a newsletter published four times a year, has been the voice of Canadian Skeet and the only publication who's sole purpose is to promote Skeet in Canada.

At the end of this year Canada may no longer have TARGETDUST unless someone steps forward to take the reins.


One or two energetic young skeet enthusiasts, to take-over from two crusty old veterans in the preparation, editing and publication of "CANADIAN TARGETDUST"

The hours are long and wages are non existent, but the rewards of knowing your preserving and promoting the great sport of skeet shooting in Canada has its own rewards.

Interested inquiries email: or


For those who might be interested, but intimated by the task of putting out a quarterly publication, maybe the time has come for a website edition; funded by clubs, businesses, and good friends of Canadian skeet shooting.

A central point for posting schedules, flyers, results, and articles of interest to include photographs. A listing of all skeet clubs in Canada, to include locations and points of contact.

Parts of this is already seen on some clubs websites or even province wide, but no website that I'm aware is solely dedicated to Canadian Skeet at the national level.

Other then agreeing on a format for submitting shoot flyer's and shoot reports, it would not be that difficult of an endeavor once the site was formated, but it will take dedication.

Will Canada have a TARGETDUST in 2009?

It's in your hands...

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