Monday, August 04, 2008

Aug 3, 2008 @ Josée for Sporting Clays

Rain and more rain...

At times a sprinkle and also the occasional downpour.

Late in the afternoon the rains finally came to an end.

Some wore rain gear, but others did not, as it is mid summer.

Club de Tir Josée, a club in the province of Quebec, holds two 50 target sporting clays shoots each year.

The course is built around it's one lone combination skeet and trap field.

The concept works well and the course would be enjoyed by most.

I did not look at the final numbers but would guess at least 50 shooters in attendance, with a number doing re-shoots in the afternoon.

I received a club shirt with logo as a gift. Thanks and very much appreciated.

I hit the lucky draw and took home a case of Federal shells.

A difficult day to take photographs, but I did manage a few.

Shoot Photos

* I went overboard with the music on the video, but I enjoyed it : )

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