Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello, Today Show, US shooters are winning medals

I would never know if I just watched NBC Today to get my Olympic news that the US won a mens Gold in Olympic Doubles Trap Shooting, womens Bronze in Trap Shooting, and a Silver in womens International Skeet.

Is it not news worthy that Kimberly Rhode is now a four time Olympic shooting champion; winning two Golds and a Bronze in Doubles Trap in past Olympics and Silver in International Skeet at this years Olympics?

If shooters were recognized in the National broadcast of NBC's Olympic coverage it was just a fleeting moment within hours and hours of Olympic coverage.

Just a crumb when are shooters deserve the whole loaf...


  1. Alas, shooting is not "PC" enough to be mentioned by the primetime news programs. This irks me as well.

    On a brighter note, at least I can finally watch some of the shooting finals with NBC's online video.

    Someone redesigned the clay pigeon targets to include a compartment of pink dust, so hits are very obvious to both video viewers and those in the grandstands. I really appreciate the improvement for an audience.

  2. In Olympic type shooting at major events a flash target must be used for the finals as well as events being televised. They have very specific rules.

    White flyer offers that type of target in the states. From the White Flyer Website.

    Flash Target

    Flash targets are found in the 110 mm configuration and are specifically prepared with a pouch of fluorescent colored powder underneath or on top of the dome. The flash target explodes on impact and provides a puff of colored smoke to show the "kill" more clearly. These targets are used for the final events in International competitions and for televised events.


    You can make your own.

    Purchase the type of powder used to make chalk lines.

    Put some in the bottom of a target, seal (glue) with paper (cut a circle from a newspaper).

    Works rather nicely and may find some use at a fun shoot where if hit will result in awarding of a prize. Just throw a couple in the rack at various times throughout the day.

    Also, nice to have a couple dozen on hand if the local news shows up and wish to video someone shooting.


    Also, a change in topic but it was commented on about some shooters not wearing glasses at the Olympics. They are optional in Olympic type shooting. Some think that wearing glasses cost Kim a gold as very tough shooting conditions...