Monday, August 18, 2008

Northeast Kingdom, 2008 Vt Sporting Clays Championships

The weather cooperated and a pleasant day at the shoot.

The shoot was advertised as a 12 station shoot, but we were lucky enough to see 14 stations being used.

The club had someone assigned to each station who released targets with squads scoring there own. I overheard a conversation where it was said a referee would be assigned to squads of less experienced shooters.

A mix of hand traps and battery operated machines on the course with some machines leased from SFSI. A company I think out of Virginia.

The course is in the woods on the side of a mountain. A tough hike for some.

This is not a course laid out on flatlands or rolling hills. If you have a medical condition, a motorized cart is a must.

I had no problems seeing targets and shoot windows were more than adequate.

For the most part a skeet/IC choke course with Vermont shooter Mike Pratico shooting the high score of 90 and winning the Vermont State Championships.

The clubs 5-stand was used for small gauge events and was fully utilized for most of the day.

NEK T-shirts were given to all who preregistered and a free lunch was available to all.

As a side note for skeet shooters. The club recently retired the old Winchester skeet machines and upgraded to modern machines.

Shoot Photos & Video

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