Saturday, August 16, 2008

Odds & Ends (Aug 16)

The Lost Target web site will be down for a short period on Wednesday, Aug 20th, as I've asked my ISP to move me to a new server that allows more bandwidth usage each month and additional server space. I'm told it will only be down for 15 minutes...

The Lost Target Sporting Clays Fun Shoot held recently at the Montreal Skeet Club and the donation received as the result of the shoot made this move possible.



I received this in the mail...

Hummason has lowered the price for their standard soft shot ("Extra Hard" - 1.5% antimony) from CAD $38.00 to CAD $32.00 per 11 kg. bag ($1.32/lb). They used to make slightly harder shot ("Superior" - 3% antimony) but don't make it anymore due to the still (relatively) high price of both lead and antimony.

Meantime Lawry just this week got in a new, roughly 4 month supply of Lawrence hard shot ("Magnum" - 6% antimony) for which the price has been lowered to CAD $35.00 per 25 pound bag ($1.40/lb).


Four of us are attending the Vermont State Sporting Clays Championships this Sunday, Aug 17.

We have to be in the car at 5:30am as its a three hour drive and we also have to catch the ferry to Vermont.

I will have my video camera in hand and hopefully I can get a nice shot of the sporting clays trail going up the mountain.

Some interesting stations on the hike up the trail but it can be a tough hike.


Friday I will be in Canada and will be taking photographs and a bit of video of the Canadian International Skeet Championships.

The same weekend we will be at the Valleyfield club attending the Quebec Provincial Skeet Championships.


If I see Kimberly Rhode at the Shot Show in Orlando this winter I'm going to ask when she is going to start shooting FITASC and going on the world circuit, as she's about done it all as far as the Olympics are concerned.

I'm sure her sponsors may have something to say about it...


The Flagler club in Florida will for the first time be on the ATA Chain Shoot Schedule this winter.

A well deserved listing...


The Palatka Skeet Club (Florida) has been busy this summer replacing steps to the high houses.

Last year they worked on the shoot-off lighting on the fields. You think the sun is shining when they turn on the lights!

A club run by volunteers...


It had been some time from my last visit to the Sportsman's Club of Franklin County in Vermont.

I see they installed the newly purchased PAT Trap Skeet machines on skeet field three.

They took there time on the install as they had a bit of work to do with the buildings and they wanted to get it right the first time.

They had a set installed on field two for a few years and as far as I know they have not given them any problems.

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