Monday, August 25, 2008

Secondary interior U.S. customs inspections and Canadians

For Canadians who may not be aware of the possibility of being stopped by U.S. Customs prior to returning to Canada...

As we approached the Canadian border on Sunday, U.S. Customs had closed the road, maybe 50 yards from the crossing. They were diverting all vehicles to the U.S. Customs station.

A normally sleepy station with little traffic. A quick check of the interior of the vehicle, as they were not there to check Americans entering Canada, and we were allowed to proceed to Canadian customs.

Not unusual, as I see this from time to time. Many times not at the crossing, but a number of miles inside the US. We hit a roadblock and may see a few Canadian vehicles pulled over and secondary checks being conducted. Sometimes customs has a dog assisting.

For those who make purchases in the US without required export permits or completely illegal purchases, and think they only have to deal with Canadian customs, they may be in for a surprise as they dash back to the border.

You do know if ammunition in your possession is not listed on your ATF Form 6NIA when returning to Canada, this is reason for confiscation by U.S. Customs and other penalties? Unless of course you have a U.S. export permit.

A side note. I crossed on Saturday and Sunday and upon each return U.S. customs inspected the firearms in the vehicle. I asked them if I could assist getting the cases out, as last month a US customs agent in Vermont dropped a barrel (Canadian firearm) and it hit the ground. I've seen them start to open a gun case that was upside down.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Joe. I've had countless conversations with fellow Canadians warning them about bringing ammo/reloading supplies from the US into Canada. Every time the arguement is made that importing these goods into Canada is perfectly legal..... which is true. They neglect to believe that EXPORTING these goods from the US is illegal (without proper permits of course) and often challange that there is nothing in place to check for these exports.