Monday, September 08, 2008

Gun Talk Boards, don't sit out the election!

Aware of any GUN or OUTDOOR talk boards trying to limit discussion on the upcoming election?

Is Obama and Palin off limits?

Can't be mixing politics with guns, hunting, and fishing can we?

We might upset the LEFT...

I imagine those who complain of political postings in support of pro-gun and pro-hunting candidates or postings that point out candidates who are not, our not members of the NRA or Gun Owners of America. They also believe the Humane Society just runs dog pounds and not involved in the battle to end hunting and fishing.

As long as they don't take my gun or limit my fishing and hunting...

Governor Palin has ignited a passion in some not seen since Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher. The LEFT and those who "just want to get along" (moderates) don't want the passion to spread.

The Women the Left is Scared of!

By any stretch of the imagination, do you think judicially nominees made by a PRESIDENT Obama too the Supreme Court or Federal Nominees in general, will be PRO-GUN or not siding with animal right activists?

Do sites with a LIBERAL bent limit or ban discussion of Governor Palin?

The anti-gun sites don't and if the national papers are any indication, the more trash the better.

Limiting the discussion on pro-gun, hunting, and fishing sites is what the LEFT wants. as it leaves the field open for them to define the candidates.

We will also be shooting ourselves in the foot...


  1. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS! obama hates america& our way of life,wake up people or you will be forced to pray to 'allah' (just a man by the way) for hours at a time,is there anyone out there thinking on your own or are you all accepting the verbage the ultra left is spinning?anicn

  2. obama wants to ''change'' america but not for our benefit. mc cain & palin WILL IMPROVE OUR COUNTRY,not change it .JOHN "TALK TO ME PLEASE"

  3. LORD bless us again.