Friday, September 12, 2008

Northeast Florida ATA Chain Shoots, 2009

A busy February in regard to ATA trap in northeast Florida, as with the addition of Flagler, three clubs in the region are now taken part in the Florida chain.

Feb 4--8

Feb 11--15

Feb 17--22

All three clubs are north of Orlando, with Flagler the closest to Daytona Beach.

I've shot all three clubs.

A good bunch at each club running the trap program.

Jacksonville and Gator have a track record of handling a large influx of shooters, with Flagler yet to be tested, as this will be there first Chain Shoot participation, but they did have a test run last February.

Flagler has put great efforts into preparation, to include building new (and rebuilding) fields and adding bathroom facilities. If they meet the expectations of the RV shooters, all should be well!

Jacksonville weather can be on the cool side at that time of the year, but last winter the weather for the shoot was almost perfect. Shooters living south of Orlando have a tough time if it does not hit 75, and those visiting from the north for the fist time expect it to be 80's in all parts of Florida. It may or may not be in the 70's for the shoot, so pack smart and bring your shooting jacket and sweater along and you should have an enjoyable shoot.

Gator has been putting more than a few dollars into it's facilities over the past few years. Gator has the added bonus of having the only Olympic Bunker Trap (15 machines) in Florida and it's open to all who wish to give it a try. I know at the February shoot this year it was open on Saturday at the end of the day for all to enjoy.

Hopefully, all three club's keep the traditional system of shooting 100 targets, one box per 25, as I've seen in the past at the clubs and don't force the nonsense of shooting 10 targets per post that is becoming popular at various clubs.

For those not into attending chain shoots, but just want to shoot for practice, all the clubs welcome visitors at any time they are open, but be warned, the non-member rates at some clubs may seem punitive to shooters visiting and not living in the region.

Usually, during shoots visitors shoot at member rates...

Other clubs in the region. The Palatka Skeet Club has re-opened it's lone trap field, Amelia Shotgun Sports offers trap shooting, and just outside Daytona Beach, the Volusia County Skeet & Trap Club also offers trap.

Update: The club now has a web site.

Northeast Florida Clay Target Clubs

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