Thursday, September 25, 2008

Odds & Ends (Sep 25)

Thanks to the fox that has been making the rounds on my property.

Last year we were overrun by rabbits, this year, not a rabbit to be seen....


Federal value packs were under $20 on my last visit to Walmart. The Winchester value pack was $21 something, and Remington still on the high side, over $24.

Of the three, I like the Remington's as it's a nice clean shooting shell, but if buying on price...


Obama and the ammunition tax.

I see a large number of searches on the subject.

Nothing that I have ever read has seen Obama associated with any talk or proposal for an added tax on ammunition.

Sorry to disappoint!

The Lost Target website has an entire section dedicated to Obama & Guns.


Remington 1100.

I just made a purchase of Magazine Springs and Action Springs for replacement in two guns.

The action spring should be replaced every 10,000 rounds, but I've settled on replacing it every two years. Under $5 for a spring, so cheap insurance.

The spring is located in the stock, reached via the butt plate. If you've been shooting an 1100 forever and have never replaced the spring, and all of a sudden your gun stops ejecting shells, this may be the fix.

Just an added thought, and I've talked of it before. Clean the trigger once or twice per year. A few years back I almost replaced everything on the gun and could not get it to cycle properly. It was suggested I clean the trigger. I did a simple cleaning and the gun started working like a charm.

I use BreakFree and shoot the gun dry...

Today, Heide shot 100 targets in sporting clays, using her 1100 and reloads, no problems. The gun is at least 40 years old.


The price of lead has been dropping. More and more shooters are seeing it for under $35 per bag. I've seen $32 mentioned more than a few times.


Shooting one gun at a skeet shoot on Saturday.

Looks like rain.

A two gun shoot, but we have a long day on Sunday, as a three hour drive to attend a sporting clays shoot. So just shooting the one gun to support the shoot.


I see the conservatives in both the house and senate will not support the bailout.

If I believe what I read, they were not even consulted. One of the reasons the Republican party has been having problems for the past few years, ignoring the conservative base.

Good for them for not supporting the bailout, as it seemed the good old boys were bailing each other out and leaving us (the taxpayers) holding the bag.

Kind of ironic the conservative have McCain to rally around, as in the past he has poked a finger in there eye from time to time.

I think a deal, even if only delayed by 24 hours, will be a much better deal for taxpayers.

In any case, the liberals are not happy, and if there not happy, that means I'm happy!

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