Saturday, September 06, 2008

Speed-Up Trap, I don't like it!

At many clubs registered trap shooting is now an endurance race!

I don't care for it...

I don't like shooting ten (10) targets per post.

Nor shooting five (5) targets per post, but have to place the second box near your starting pad, as not to slow the shoot. Bend and scoop the second box!

Yea, I know, just carry the second box...

No one at the shoot complaining, because real men don't complain. They may not be complaining at the shoot, but...

God forbid if someone wants a two minute break, especially on a hot and humid day.

No reason to bring water on the field, as your not given time to drink it!

You find yourself almost wishing for a machine breakdown or gun breakage...

Shoot management seems to care less if it's a short squad or not a sold out shoot.

The rules of the shoot are the rules that all squads will follow, no matter the circumstances or the weather.

Not fun when the squad is less than five shooters.

Does anyone practice four rounds of trap using the Speed-Up trap concept?

If they did, they would be hard placed to find anyone whom would shoot with them, and non-registered shooters watching would think they were nuts, as they are in the game to have fun!

From the clubs perspective I know why it's done, but...

Are we killing the growth of the sport because clubs are not willing to turn away shooters when overbooked?

FITASC, Skeet, and Sporting Clays don't have a problem with pre-registering and limiting numbers of shooters, with deposit required when deemed necessary.

I'm shooting sporting clays this Sunday and yes, pre-registration is required!

The economy may not be the only reason that attendance is down at many trap shoots...

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  1. I agree with you Joe. God forbid if you interupt the ryhthm of the squad.

    Sporting seems to be a better fit for both of us. In sporting, the shooter controls the game, not the other way around. As well, the targets are testy enough that rarely does anyone shott 100. It still requires the shooter to mainyain concentration and consistencey, but not in such a minotinous way.