Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunbuster Shooting Glasses (Part 3)

I've had a set of SunBuster shooting glasses since the the later part of July.

The five lenses that come with the package should meet almost anyone's need in regard to lens choices. If not, a number of colors are offered at a very reasonable price.

The optional Extreme Green lens seems to relax the eyes on very sunny days. A dark lens that does not make everything look dark. I think my favorite lens color when the sun is blazing.

The glasses are light weight, but sturdy. I've pretty much manhandled them when changing lenses and not a problem.

I hiked up a mountain side in Vermont when attending a sporting clays shoot. Having the ability to change lens colors was a plus, as at times I was shooting with tree backgrounds and at other times in open areas. I also was experiencing constantly changing light conditions.

I didn't experience fogging of lenses at any shoot.

A word on changing lenses. Impossible to change a lens without getting your finger prints on the lens. Make sure you have your eyeglass cleaning cloth with you and probable a good idea to have the cleaning fluid also. Just throw the case that comes with the glasses in your shoot-bag and your set to go.

The lens inserts have a small foot print, but not noticeable when shooting.

If you require the prescription lens inserts, but have excessive downward head tilt when mounting a shotgun you may have problems. I did!

I had to send the lens inserts back to have them remounted (at no cost), as when I mounted my shotgun everything went blurry. I was looking out of the top portion of the inserts and could not see targets at distance.

My eyes are such, that without glasses I cannot see at distance or to read, so I imagine most would not have this problem, especially if you don't have excessive head tilt.

Overall, a nice package and easy on the wallet...

SunBuster Shooting Glasses (Part 2)

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